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ONE SECOND COUNTS bear spray deployment products started development in response to bear attacks in the summer of 2016.In the case of the Ghost River; in the Waiparous area;  attack, while the victim carried bear spray, the couple lacked the “two seconds” to effect deployment. Deployment is everything in a bear attack. Simply buying Bear Spray is no guarantee that you will survive a bear attack. You have to have it readily available and be able to deploy it quickly.
Our research showed that “readily available” can be translated to: 

-Stored in my pack.
-Stored in the web outside pouch on the side of my pack.
-Stored in a back holster belt under my day pack.
-Stored in a sack attached to my belt. 

A surprised or irritated Grizzly bear can cross 10 meters or 30 feet distance in an eye blink.

We asked the question: Can you deploy your bear spray in an “eye blink?”

To keep your bear spray stored in any of the four locations above, you require several eye blinks. We found the most effective deployment time came when the bear spray is specifically mounted on your backpack straps, and/ or waist belt. Instant access is the first requirement.

We looked outside the box and solicited Steve Bommer and his designer Leigh of Spirit West in Calgary to help with the development and evolution of the design. Steve offered us years of experience in outdoor design experience, and his “on staff “talent, Leigh offered us insight.

Out of this productive relationship came the vision for the “One Second Counts” Bear Spray Cradle.

The Vision: The bear spray needs to be Cradled instead of “stashed”. 

Held securely until needed, yet instantly deployed. 

Easily mounted onto you or your equipment. 

With no Velcro*, or Laces to delay deployment. 

We had the vision, and that gave design direction.

Initial concept patterns were made and models were constructed, tested, re-designed, and tested again, and again until one night when we all heard the “snap” we knew it was time to move beyond the prototype stage.

We filled Patents and currently have engaged with SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology). drawing on their expertise to evolve the “One Second Counts” Bear Spray Cradle to an engineered bear safety product.

*(the rip sound of Velco apparently irritates bears)

August 2022